Albert Herring

Miami University Opera • Spring 2014

About the Design

We were pushing the action of the opera into the 1910's, inspired by the first seasons of Downton Abbey. Our biggest concern was making sure the scene shifts could be done a vista in the amount of time Britten scored. I designed each section of wall to rotate easily by two or three actors to make the shift between Lady Billow's manor to the greengrocer shop go quickly, and for all the walls to be removed for the picnic in the churchyard.

The Union Jack became one of the unifying design motifs in the set, playing off the spirit of nationalism Britten weaves into the music and Crozier the libretto. 

While our budget was healthy (about $7,000), we only had about three weeks to build and paint.

Paint Elevation, Ground Row

Paint Elevation, Ground Row

Show Credits 

Direction by Lee Kimball
Conducted by Ben Smolder
Costume Design by Meggan Peters
Lighting Design and Technical Direction by Josh Wilson