Miami University Theatre • Fall 2013

Basquiat research

Basquiat research

About the Design

I was excited to do this project because it was conceived of as a "stripped down" version in a black box space. Suann, the director, wanted the space to feel very environmental, very East Village. In the previous season I designed Angels in America with a bunch of warehouse style windows, steel levels, and metal sliding doors. We were able to reuse much of those, covering every surface with graffiti.

We mixed up the ground plan and the seating, like medieval "stations" placed in between groups of seats. Instead of using theatre seats, we used every random chair from our furniture storage room, plus a few couches and benches. The audience became part of the company. All of the furniture and props needed for the different locations were somewhere in piles of objects placed around the space.

This was the third or fourth time I've done a set with a ton of New York graffiti. This time I tried to incorporate elements of early Basquiat. There are many "Samo" variations and a few crowns.

We ended up spending about $600 on the set.

Show Credits 

Direction by Suann Pollock
Costume Design by Meggan Peters
Lighting Design by Russ Blain
Technical Direction by Tom Featherstone